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Chevrolet Commercial Vehicles in Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City Car Lease & Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Your business as a whole is only as good as its parts – and that goes for your commercial fleet vehicles, too. David Stanley Chevrolet has the fleet sedans, light duty trucks and vans, utility vehicles, and more to keep your company looking professional and operating efficiently.

Oklahoma City favors new and used Chevrolet fleet vehicles for their durability and trustworthiness. Browse our commercial fleet vehicles then call us to discuss your car lease and vehicle needs.

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614 Southwest 74th
Oklahoma City, OK 73139

Let the David Stanley Chevrolet Oklahoma City Commercial Fleet Vehicle Department help you with all your car lease and vehicle needs - from business fleet sedans to light duty trucks or vans to utility vehicles - David Stanley Chevrolet offer them all right here in Oklahoma City for commercial customer across the state of Oklahoma.

Meet Our Staff

  Jim McAuliff
Fleet Sales Director
Phone: (405) 644-2724
  Kent Tillitt
Fleet Sales
Phone: (405) 632-3600